Prof. Sarat Singmaneni

Sarat Singamneni is currently an Associate Professor at the Auckland University of Technology, leading a team of researchers, pursuing different lines of inquiry in additive manufacturing. Process evaluation, enhancement, and alternative materials are the main themes of the AM research ongoing under his supervision. Curved and mixed layer slicing for fused deposition modelling, polymer, biopolymer and polymer composite alternatives for both fused deposition and selective laser sintering and alloys such as duplex stainless steels as new metal choices for selective laser melting are the significant contributions from his team. Considering the thermally sensitive structures resulting from selective laser melting, he took the binder-jet route to harness different ceramic compositions for 3D printing. Conventional consolidation mechanisms of both civil and foundry engineering materials are used to successfully develop plaster-based and plaster-less ceramic compositions for 3D printing. While these are mainly used for rapid casting at present, extending their applications in civil construction and architecture is currently under investigation. Apart from fundamental research in both materials and processes, Sarat Singamneni also strives significantly helping the uptake of additive manufacturing by the end users, closely working with numerous New Zealand industries; Air new Zealand, Airwork, Henley’s Propellers, and NueNZ are notable examples.